Response to ECOFYS online survey on the evaluation of the Energy Labelling Directive and certain aspects of the Ecodesign Directive

Published: 29 November 2013

Policies & Issues: Energy & Climate

Question 1.1: Overall, do you think that the Energy Labelling and Ecodesign Directives have achieved energy savings consistent with economic technical potential (potential savings that are technologically possible at reasonable cost)?
Possible answers:
a: Yes, it has exceeded the potential
b: Yes, it has met the potential
c: No, it has been successful but there is missed potential
d: No, there is significant missed potential
e: Don’t know

Orgalime answer:
For Ecodesign Directive, we “do not know”. For Energy Labelling Directive, “yes, it has met the potential”.

Orgalime comment:
The Ecodesign Directive´s scientific based life cycle approach has led to the identification of the most significant parameter of energy related products being energy efficiency in the use phase. Overall, these energy efficiency potentials are addressed in consistency with economic and technical potentials. However, the market has not sufficiently transformed yet. A positive answer to this question would therefore have needed a more rapid response of the market, i.e.: from the consumer. 

More experience is available for the Energy Labelling Directive. Here, we see indeed positive effects and satisfactory consistency of savings and economic and technical feasibilities for several product groups.

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