Our Key Messages for a Cybersafe Internet of Things

Published: 24 January 2018

Policies & Issues: Digital Transformation

Cybersecurity is a top priority for the engineering industry. The companies represented by Orgalime are at the heart of the digital transformation of industry and the evolution of the Internet of Things – deploying connected machines, supplying interconnected products, and building data-driven business models. A secure cyberspace will be crucial to the success of this transformation. Moreover, as the nature and frequency of digital threats evolve, robust cybersecurity will be essential to protect economic interests and build public trust in the Digital Single Market.

So there is a clear need to tackle the lack of cybersecurity standards for products and services at the European level. The European Commission has taken steps to address this with its proposal for a ‘Cybersecurity Act’, put forward in September 2017. However, Orgalime is not convinced that all of the measures presented will best serve this objective. In particular, we see room for improvement as regards the proposals for cybersecurity certification and plans for the involvement of industry stakeholders.

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Pierre Lucas
Manager - Industrial Policy & Digitalisation

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