Orgalime responds to Commission questionnaire on IPR

Published: 9 March 2006

Policies & Issues: Legal

Counterfeiting and piracy of both industrial and consumer goods is increasingly posing a critical challenge to the European and world economies and, in our sector, also to the safety of consumers and workers.  Orgalime has in the past years campaigned in favour of a determined fight against counterfeiting and piracy and has welcomed initiatives from the European Commission and other international organisations supporting anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy measures.

We therefore welcome this industry consultation and urge the Commission to strengthen and institutionalise the cooperation between Directorate Generals in order to develop a consistent policy for IPR protection.  We would also welcome a greater role of Commission delegations in certain countries, where we suggest that 'IPR helpdesks' should be set up to provide information and support to companies affected by counterfeiting.

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