Coordination of National Registers of Producers

Published: 19 June 2006

Policies & Issues: Environment

Article 12 WEEE requires member states to set up a register of producers. Orgalime believes that harmonising registration and reporting procedures is an essential issue in this directive, which would clearly benefit from simplification.

The proposals included in this position paper aim at helping to overcome some of the most evident short-term problems that EU producers of electrical and electronic equipment are facing today due to this WEEE directive requirement and its highly diverging transposition by EU member states.

It is however evident, that in areas where the proper functioning of the internal market and the free movement of goods as established by the EC Treaty are at stake (see examples given), more needs to be done to solve both, the existing loopholes of the WEEE directive and the diverging transpositions and registration requirements by the different member states.

This is why Orgalime supports the request expressed at the European Parliament’s Environment Committee meeting on 23 January 2006 for an amendment of the WEEE directive that fully respects the principles established by the EC Treaty.

We support finding a way of cooperation and coordination of national registers by working together and/or by a coordinating within a (European) structure.

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