Politico AI Summit 2020

Date and location

16-17 March 2020, Brussels


AI has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, from the way we work and communicate to how we treat diseases and wage wars. Globally, businesses and governments are focusing on how to make the most out of this disruptive technology and mitigate the associated risks.

In this AI “race to the top”, the U.S. and China stand as the world’s frontrunners, because of their development of cutting-edge AI applications and their capacity to attract investments. Europe wants to lead the way on digital policies by setting the conditions for the development and use of AI. GDPR, digital competition and online copyright are some of the major policy areas that the last Commission implemented to give the bloc a competitive advantage. But will the new European Commission be able to keep up with Europe’s unfinished digital legacy when the technology is evolving quickly and investments are being allocated to other parts of the world?

POLITICO’s AI Summit tackles key questions about the future of AI global regulation and the technology’s implementation. The event will bring together high-level and international group of government leaders with industry, research, academic, and civil society stakeholders to discuss, debate and examine the AI world order and whether Europe has a chance to influence it in the years to come, the speaker lineup including Cédric Archambeau, Principal Applied Scientist at Amazon; Christine Hennion, member of the French parliament; Eva Kaili, MEP; Malte Lohan, Orgalim Director General and Hon. Silvio Schembri, Malta's Junior Minister for Financial Services.

The event program and list of speakers can be viewed here.


Orgalim - supporting partner

Orgalim is a supporting partner for the AI Summit. The registration for the event is currently ongoing, and Orgalim members can benefit from an exceptional 50% discount when purchasing the tickets before 13 December. Contact communications@orgalim.eu for additional information on how to obtain the tickets.