Orgalim policy response


Our work to support our industry continues uninterrupted:

  • All working group/task force meetings have been converted into conference calls. This decision affects all meetings until mid-July. The Orgalim secretariat is working with the chairs of all of Working Groups and Task Forces to adapt the agendas of the impacted meetings.

  • We hold regular coordination meetings among CEOs of Orgalim members. Based on their insights and recommendations a project team is developing Orgalim’s input to the EU’s exit strategy and recovery plan.


Suggestions for prioritisation of the Commission’s work in 2020

Orgalim is calling on Europe’s leaders to prioritise helping our industries to recover from the COVID-19 crisis. We have therefore put forward suggestions for a review of the European Commission’s work for 2020, including the current Work Programme, so that the focus is on those actions that directly support the EU’s recovery. 

We call for a political framework that supports the ability for our industries to focus all required resources on the immediate challenges of the recovery from the crisis, so that a solid and sustainable industrial basis can be rebuilt and our long-term competitiveness can be reinforced.


Virtual event: Globalisation, ecosystems and the EU's industrial strategy after COVID-19

On 4 June, Orgalim is bringing together a select group of experts to debate the approach to industrial policy in this new era, looking at the short term and longer term strategic choices that are needed for an industrial recovery in a post-coronavirus world. We will assess the immediate impact of the crisis on our industries, the disruption caused to supply chains, and how our industries are adapting their operations. Read more on our event page.


Orgalim statement on EU exit and recovery strategy

Our future-oriented industries will have a decisive role to play in ensuring a rapid and sustainable upturn in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are therefore calling on Europe’s leaders to prioritise helping our industries, of which 90% are SMEs, to survive these challenging times and regain their financial vigour.


Europe’s technology industries call to maintain industrial production and related operations wherever possible

In a recent statement, Europe’s technology industries made a call to maintain industrial production wherever possible. A copy of this statement has been sent to Presidents Michel and von der Leyen, the leaders of the European Council and Commission, with an invitation to engage and work together to help protect our people today and our economies tomorrow. We host a continuous dialogue with the different DGs to ensure that the European political response takes into consideration the impact on Europe's technology industries.


Orgalim welcomes the agreement reached within the Eurogroup on 9 April

Europe’s Technology Industries specifically welcome support via extending credit lines and support provided to our workers. We call for further increased ambition when it comes to financial support. We also call for strong coordination with industry when it comes to reprioritising MFF discussions. We need to ensure that our industries are supported when it comes to the Green and Digital transitions as a way to come out of this crisis even stronger.